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/ / Introducing InvestTech: Our latest Accelerators

Applying design, data science & AI and engineering to
build industry-driven buy-side innovations.

The buy-side industry is changing, and innovation must be top of the agenda. We believe there is immense untapped potential for transformation across the global investment management and asset management communities. Businesses need to rethink, redesign and reinvent themselves to become future-ready.

Through the intersection of design, high-end engineering and data, InvestTech empowers the industry with first-class solutions built in a first-class way for the ultimate client experience. Even as an unpredictable future unfolds, it’s time to bring the buy-side into a new era of change.

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Accelerating Innovation

Accelerators are created as building blocks to allow our customers to accelerate innovation. Nowadays, organizations may feel they have to decide between buy vs. build. Our industry expertise combined with our investment in our FinLabs, is what makes Synechron an innovation partner of choice.

Through our Accelerators, our clients can reap the benefits of our learning curve and proprietary R&D investments. Our Accelerators consist of customizable building blocks including working codebase, re-usable design systems, state-of-the-art solution designs and machine learning models.

Using our Accelerators gives our clients a competitive edge with all the perks of building an in-house solution such as IP ownership against a shorter time to market.