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Solve Real-life Business Challenges with Synechron’s Neo – Artificial Intelligence Solutions for the Financial Services Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for decades but a convergence of Big Data, increased computing capabilities, and user demand has created a perfect storm where AI applications are evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, AI has reached an inflection point in financial services. Developing systems that learn, adapt and respond autonomously rather than simply executing instructions will be the primary objective of financial institutions over the next couple of years.

Synechron’s Artificial Intelligence platform – Neo – was developed in our Financial Innovation Labs (FinLabs) to help the financial services industry capitalize on this opportunity. Neo uniquely brings together Synechron’s digital, business consulting and technology capabilities, allowing financial institutions to deploy cutting-edge AI solutions that solve complex business challenges using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chatbots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Machine Learning, Data Science, and Robo-Advisor for financial services.

Synechron’s Artificial Intelligence-based accelerator solutions empower financial institutions to obtain:

Improved Data

Automation of processes using automated data extraction, voice commands and automatically generated text based on understanding of human language leads to higher accuracy, margins, and more standardized Omni-channel operations.

Visible Increase in

Visible increase in auditability and cost-savings achieved due to reduced FTE operations cost by automating manual, labor-intensive business processes. Operationalization of processes for increased dependability and transparency further enhances compliance workflows and audit trails.

Improved Quality, Reliability and Efficiency 

Increased efficiency, turnaround time and precision on data modeling and calculations achieved by focusing on real-time price for reporting related to treasury and finance regulations

Deeper Insight into
Customer Data 

The integration of behavioral analysis and financial (Know Your Customer (KYC), Banking, and Credit Card) data to identify patterns and anomalies drives in a culture of data-driven decision-making thus enabling a personalized, transparent, and secure transaction.

Enhanced Customer Service

Rapid access to accurate data creates ‘smart,’ efficient, affective and personalized engagements with customers. Furthermore, the existing services are augmented and the customers experience a dramatically enhanced customer experience.

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6 Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Synechron applies its Digital, Business Consulting and Technology expertise to deliver Artificial Intelligence solutions that solve real-world operational problems.

Synechrons cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques are:


The Past, Present and Future of AI

AI is a fast-paced field with a deep history that is continuing to change and become more complex every day. But what some don’t realize is that the AI of today is no longer the AI of the past. AI now has the power to address challenges and predict outcomes like never before – but taking advantage of the opportunity requires understanding where we’ve been, where AI is going and how to keep pace with this fast-changing industry.

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