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Why Cloud Wastage is the Problem to Solve in 2018

Why Cloud Wastage is the Problem to Solve in 2018

Financial Services CIOs are investing in the cloud. In fact, 10% of businesses with over 1,000 employees expect to spend $10M or more on cloud computing apps and infrastructure. This is a number expected to increase by 19.4% compounded annually through 2019.

However, despite the investment, a 2018 RightScale Report on Cloud Initiatives shows that 30% of money spent on cloud infrastructure is wasted. As financial services CIOs continue on their cloud journey, cloud wastage is the problem to solve.

Synechron is working with financial services CIOs to guide them through this journey from Physical Servers to Virtual Machines to Containerization of applications and now to going Serverless. For those who are just starting their cloud journeys, there is a unique opportunity to leapfrog to Serverless.

Recently, Synechron worked with a large exchange on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud Migration for three of its business units across three key markets. Based on the client’s priorities, Synechron moved the applications from the client data center to the cloud to reduce hosting costs, improve load balancing and managing a seamless transition to a secure, consistent, performant and reliable cloud infrastructure. This incremental change laid the foundation for future digital transformation.

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