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Want More Innovative Testing?

As financial firms increase their dependency on rapidly-evolving technologies, Quality Assurance innovation must maintain pace to keep down costs, avoid bottlenecking, and uphold the industry’s miniscule margin of error. Through advanced methodologies and innovative proprietary tools, QA can be performed faster, cheaper, and more effectively than ever.

The transition from waterfall to agile development necessitates that firms restructure their methodologies to involve QA earlier in the development process, accelerating digital transformation through early-stage, cross-platform compatibility testing. Synechron employs our unique Structured Project Execution & Engineering Discipline (SPEED) to facilitate upfront quality and standardization checks. We also engage in DevOps, which is dependent on continuous QA through Test Automation and enables rolling tests against security, compliance, and regulatory standards.

Test Automation is integral to agile development but must be properly applied to avoid either costly, inefficient over-testing or ineffective under-testing. To solve this, Synechron developed our SYNE Intelligent Process Automation in Testing tool (watch the demo here). This tool uses Combinatorics to identify the least tests required to achieve maximum test coverage and Artificial Intelligence to write, execute and document those tests. It can reduce QA efforts by hundreds of hours while maintaining thoroughness.

If you are interested in transforming your QA processes, please email us at to arrange a meeting to discuss how Synechron can help.