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Fintech Cloud Strategy

As Financial Services organizations think through their FinTech and Cloud Strategy, while there’s clear momentum across industries, and in Financial Services itself, there are still security and efficiency challenges that need to be addressed. Cloud wastage remains a pain point that can be addressed by going serverless and a solid approach to security needs to be central to the strategy.

According to McAfee, 1,004 distinct cloud services being used by the average financial services firm, a 32.1% YOY growth – based on a survey of 3.7M finance employees over 14,000 cloud services. What’s more, according to MarketsandMarkets, the predicted size of the Finance Cloud Market is expected to reach $29.47B by 2021, which represents a 24.4% CAGR.

Learn more about the state of Cloud for Financial Services and how Synechron can help.

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