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Desperately need an IT architecture upgrade? We can help!

Is your IT architecture showing its age, becoming unreliable, unstable or unable to meet critical operational and digital-forward demands? Is it hampering your acquisition of new clients or squeezing your company’s revenue?

Synechron can help!

Digital transformation is well under way and long overdue for many banks, asset managers and insurance companies. You may not have upgraded your company’s IT infrastructure. But, chances are your fiercest competitors have.

IDC estimated that digital transformation will generate $18 Trillion in added business value for organizations, and Gartner projects that digital transformation will support 36% of overall revenue by 2020. Doesn’t it make sense to find out why and how your firm should become a part of this digital revolution?

You can learn more in our new “Architecture Modernization” brochure. In it you will learn:

  • How Heritage Modernization - upgrading aging, decades old legacy technologies lacking a flexible, forward-looking architecture - can promote adherence to current security standards, allow for future business growth and facilitate potential migration to the cloud.
  • How Evolutionary Modernization - modernizing technology architecture incrementally in phases over time - can help shift monolithic infrastructures to an efficient enterprise scale microservices platform.

Synechron’s dedicated teams of consulting, technology, data science, AI/machine learning, cloud migration, regulatory compliance and user experience experts have been working to help financial services firms implement the newest tools to address a wide range of industry challenges, alleviate their pain points and greatly accelerate digital competencies