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3 Obstacles the Financial Sector Faces when Implementing DevOps

The Financial Services industry has made significant strides in adopting the DevOps engineering methodology. However, for many firms, it takes foundational changes to become DevOps ready. Here are 3 obstacles firms may face:

  • From Manual to Automated
    DevOps frequently depends on manual tasks such as data extraction, report generation, and client onboarding which will require automation and integration across both front-end design and back-end development. Synechron is working with banks and insurers to re-engineer processes across the full tech stack with a single development process, better user experience, and more rapid prototyping with automated testing.
  • Building Internal Capabilities / Resources
    DevOps dramatically shifts engineering processes and can require cross-functional product teams, IT and Operations alignment, and resource reorganization. Synechron helps clients develop DevOps roadmaps for change management initiatives, establish governance, and augment product teams with cross-functional specialists.
  • From Legacy to Digital and Cloud
    Closed platforms, incompatible environments, and non-digital/non-cloud legacy architecture makes it challenging to embrace DevOps which thrives on agility, code portability and dynamic resource provisioning. Our experienced team can deliver legacy modernization and cloud migration, as we did with a leading index provider.

If you are looking to progress your DevOps strategy, please email us at to set up a meeting to discuss how Synechron can help.