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Synechron partners with Solidatus to deliver Powerful Data Visualization Models for Financial Services Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai, Pune

Synechron, Inc, the global financial services consulting and technology services provider, has today announced a partnership with Solidatus, a leading data lineage discovery and visualisation solution. Together, the firms are addressing challenges related to understanding data lineage, governance, and management by delivering powerful visualization of metadata across end-to-end business processes, including an intuitive and easy to use web interface and customizable filter options.The initiative is critical in helping firms get the most from their data, as well as to comply with upcoming regulatory obligations.

Today, the financial services industry is one of the most data-rich industries globally. Financial institutions and businesses struggle to keep up with the growing amount of data they are seeing and how to track, model, and gain meaningful insight from it. The partnership between Synechron and Solidatus aims to bring clarity to data owners and analysts regarding their data by delivering a powerful data visualization solution supported by industry leading digital, consulting and technology expertise.

The solution provides a robust data lineage discovery and visualization tool to complement existing ETL & Governance solutions already in use, by collecting all lineage information into one place. Solidatus is an easy-to-use, highly scalable, web application that allows banks to better understand the shape and quality of their data. This caters to several unique use cases within financial services, in areas including: Regulation, Systems Integration, Transformation and Rationalization and Data Governance.

Daniel Percy-Hughes, Consultant at Synechron, said, "Data visualization tools are becoming increasingly important as firms generate more and more data. Regulations like MiFID, GDPR, FRTB and others demand deeper insight into this data placing greater focus on the need for enhanced data lineage. We are happy to partner with Solidatus to provide a solution to address these concerns and build on its proven successes already working with some of the biggest global financial services companies."

Howard Travers, Chief Commercial Officer for Solidatus commented "Synechron’s deep expertise across Business Consulting, Digital and Technology affords the opportunity for us to build on our existing data models and success in the financial services sector. This, paired with its commitment to innovation matching ours, has made for an obvious choice for strategic partnership."

About Synechron
Synechron is a global consulting and technology organization providing innovative solutions to the financial services industry through its three main business focus areas: digital, business consulting, and technology. Based in New York, the company has 18 offices around the globe, with over 8,000 em-ployees producing over $500M in annual revenue. For more information on the company please visit the website or our LinkedIn community.

About Solidatus
Solidatus was developed to help organisations understand how data flows through their systems by providing the most intuitive, flexible, data lineage discovery and visualisation solution. Whether used to demonstrate regulatory lineage, improve governance, assist with transformational change or reduce inefficiencies in your data handling, Solidatus is uniquely engineered to build end-to-end data models more efficiently and effectively.

The data economy of organisations is growing year on year, increasing the demand on businesses to understand and control change in order to minimise risk and manage costs. The unique collaborative mechanism built into the core of Solidatus helps organisations improve their data economy. Easily accessible, highly scalable and secure, it allows them to quickly develop a data landscape, crowdsource metadata and analyse how data is it used throughout their organisation.

Solidatus is being utilised in some of the most data-rich industries across the globe, including top-tier global financial, pharmaceutical, utility and infrastructure organisations. It has been adopted by leading consulting and technology firms, and is actively being used to support and enhance the delivery of their services.

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