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Synechron Launches Social Awareness Campaign #ItTakesAllTypes to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Work Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dubai, Pune

Campaign launched at Girls in Tech Catalyst event a forum to empower women in tech

Synechron, the global financial services consulting and technology services provider, has today announced the launch of a Social Awareness Campaign #ItTakesAllTypes to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The campaign will go live at Synechron partner company, Girls in Tech’s, annual Catalyst event in San Francisco to empower and motivate female leaders in the workplace, especially in the financial and technology sectors where the gender gap in the industry is more significant.

Today, over half of the professional workforce is made up of women (57%), but STEM business roles, entrepreneurship, and innovation are areas where women leaders are still in the vast minority – of those in STEM roles, about half are Operations Analysts, but less than 15% are Computer Network Architects or Hardware Engineers. Only 11% of executive positions in Silicon Valley are held by women. Nearly half of women say that lack of mentorship is a top barrier for women in technology. And so #ItTakesAllTypes celebrates these diverse sets of talent that bring strength to their teams, and looks to bring attention to the gender gap in the technology sector and celebrate those who rise above every day.

The campaign is a data-driven awareness campaign to draw attention to the vast unbalance seen in professional roles between men and women in the STEM fields, and will include a social activation element, and will also have a physical presence at Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference San Francisco, where attendees can visit Synechron for a #SynechronPerfectBlend #ItTakesAllTypes cup of coffee and can snap a photo for social amplification of the campaign using our hashtags.

"Like brewing the perfect pot of coffee, a selection of one set of coffee beans will make the coffee taste bland and weak. When the ratio of different variations of coffee beans is perfected, the coffee brewed is much stronger. The same can be said for the workplace – a ratio of a diverse set of people will make for the strongest team,” said Diana Kearns-Manolatos, Global Head of Marketing at Synechron. “We’ve launched this campaign to celebrate diversity and empower the women who are making a difference in the workplace and deserve that recognition. We hope that this shows how truly important it is to have different types working together, and that it really does take all types."

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify: Identify the strongest and most diverse leading women in tech that you look up to, and share a cup of coffee with her. Don’t forget to snap a selfie!
  • Share: Post your inspiring woman on Instagram and Twitter, and share why this person makes your team stronger, or is someone you look up to! Challenge those you tag and highlight to do the same and nominate two others to share as well. Don’t forget to use our hashtags: #ItTakesAllTypes #SynechronPerfectBlend
  • Challenge: Challenge yourself and your colleagues to celebrate diverse leaders or strong up-and-comers and keep the hashtag trending! Watch Synechron’s page – we will repost to highlight the best of the best, and profile one leader monthly. The campaign follows the firm’s Employee 2020 initiative, which focuses on employee and recruitment commitments, and a global win for Business Intelligence’s Best Places to Work in 2018, which identify Synechron’s focus on the talent that make up its workforce.

About Synechron
Synechron is a global consulting and technology organization providing innovative solutions to the financial services industry through its three main business focus areas: digital, business consulting, and technology. Based in New York, the company has 18 offices around the globe, with over 8,000 employees producing over $500+M in annual revenue. For more information on the company please visit the website or our LinkedIn community.

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