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BUSINESS CONSULTING Pega Lead Engineer - Platform Tech Data Chandler / Phoenix, AZ, USA
Job Description

We are seeking 5 to 7 years experienced Pega Lead Engineer - Platform Tech Data for our offices in Chandler / Phoenix, AZ.

  • 7+ years’ of application development with Agile Scrum experience and implementation experience.
  • 5+ years of active Pega Systems application development/architecture on version 7.1+ frameworks
  • Engineer with analytic skills and ability to research and interpret any existing data structures, and the ability to work with the product owners to glean information to architect a proper data structure
  • Experience with application architecture, especially development of data structures and understanding the relationships between data objects and cardinality of objects.
  • Experience developing data architecture design documents (ERD, Domain Diagrams, Object model, data dictionary).
  • Familiarity with SQL (oracle) and database structure and functionality with a strong understanding of how databases work, keys, indexes, table structures, and BLOBs.
  • Experience with extraction, transformation, and loading of data into a different system. System integration and dealing with system integration data structures, mapping etc.
  • Understanding of performance, memory impacts, etc. of ill-formed data architecture, especially in the Pega system
  • Experience with Pega BIX
  • Experience with Pega Agile Designer/Agile Studio story management Agile tool

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