Helps our clients facilitate an ESG-based portfolio overview and configure portfolios for a better ESG score


Helps our clients facilitate an ESG-based portfolio overview and configure portfolios for a better ESG score


Introducing The ESG Booster Accelerator


Institutional firms need to embrace ESG sooner rather than later. This is driven by a 'marked shift' from a traditional shareholder model to a stakeholder model.

The challenge

A lack of uniformity and ESG definitions standardisation has led to an explosion of data (providers) with varying ESG rating and ranking methodologies.

Target users

The ESG Accelerator serves the needs of a wide spectrum of market participants, including Investment Firms, Private Banks, Asset Managers, Pension Funds, amongst others.


A greener future, faster


Allows for data ingestion and integration from multiple leading ESG rating providers, benchmarks and news feeds at both the portfolio and company level

Lower ESG scoring companies can be substituted with recommended firms with similar characteristics, within similar sectors and weightings

Offers cutting edge data science features such as normalization of ESG data across providers and ESG score predictions


Multiple inputs across respected ranking providers and benchmarks allow for deeper and broader analysis that spans methodology variations and inherent biases

Allows users to drill down on metrics to showcase individual ESG scores, analyze each ESG pillar and explore different insights such as identified outliers between data providers

Enables users to improve the ESG score at the portfolio level, by proposing alternatives for low ESG scoring companies without compromising financial performance


Introducing The ESG Booster Team

Bermet Dordoeva BUSINESS

With a flair for unbundling concepts across KYC, regulation and ESG, Bermet is an avid problem-solver driven by wanting to make the world a better place.


Whether he’s developing enterprise-grade applications on his own or as part of a team, Amit’s goal is forever the same: seamless and frictionless execution.

Stefan Andjelic DATA

His lifelong love of learning, as evidenced by his doctorate, helps Stefan leverage his knowledge to implement solutions that can truly optimise business value.

Alex Alman DESIGN

From delivering high fidelity wireframes to rapid prototypes, Alex thrives on delivering experiences that will make our clients tick and their users fall in love.

Rajul Mittal PRODUCT

An avid-thinker, strategist and expert in Sustainable Finance, Rajul is a natural collaborator who brings out the best in his team for game-changing results.