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Insurance Chatbots


Synechron has developed a readily customizable platform to launch a series of chatbot services that will have a major impact on the customer’s experience and engagement with your organization. With the launch of Synechron’s Artificial Intelligence Accelerators – Neo – we introduce our chatbot platform – Eve. Simultaneously, Synechron has developed additional insurance-focused chatbots on a variety of open source frameworks. Synechron’s InsureBOT has been developed to provide advice and support to customers who want to understand more about a firm’s insurance protection products and services. The InsureBOT is able to guide a customer through a range of insurance products that meet their specific requirements and then automate the process to provide coverage through a policy that has been underwritten. What’s more is that the InsureBOT is also able to provide post-sales support and provides for the complete streamlining of the claims process in the event that a customer requires help with this. Given that the insurance industry is poised for a new wave of digital disruption that will redefine customer engagement, Synechron’s InsureBOT is the perfect starting point for accelerating, and reinventing how insurance firms engage and interact with an increasingly tech savvy customer.

  • Enhancing the claims assessment and management experience – during inspections
  • Step by-step, self-inspection – using Synechron’s InspectionBOT
  • Manage larger volumes of customer data; Ensure scrutiny and data accuracy – with advanced machine learning algorithms and in-built geo-location detection
  • Quicker claims processing and automated adjudications – based on a ‘Risk Confidence Score’ and a ‘Fraud Probability Score’ by learning from historical and reference data

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