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Commercial Insurance Broker Portal


For insurance providers, offering a high-quality experience for brokers and underwriters is a difference maker. For them, daily operations are inhibited by their reliance on multiple isolated systems, decentralized communication, and unstructured data delivered and processed both electronically and manually. These processes are siloed and it comes at the cost of speed, efficiency, and organization, directly impacting the top line for insurance providers. An insurance provider that can offer better tools that empower its brokers to sell more, is more likely to earn broker loyalty yielding significant premium returns.

Synechron has developed an end-to-end Customer Experience Design Accelerator for a Commercialized Broker Portal that enables providers to swiftly implement a singular view for all broker-related operations, incorporating existing Agent Management Services (AMSs) and creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem to seamlessly integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Data Extraction, AI Analytics, Automated Quotes, and Chatbots into one intuitive, mobile-friendly portal. With the Commercialized Broker Portal, Synechron sought to unify all of the previously siloed operations into one location, while providing access to new cutting-edge tools to raise efficiency, improve submission-bind ratio, manage data, and make money.

To implement the solution, Synechron has Digital Strategy professionals and experts in Design Thinking able to tailor the application to meet the specific business needs of brokers and underwriters, supported by a robust, customizable technological framework. This includes interviews with desired end-users to determine which features would create the ideal user experience and address key client pain points. The application inherently addresses many of these top pain points already and can be customized based on the firm’s unique client feedback to create a portal that doesn’t just enable sales but becomes an invaluable tool for brokers to manage and run a business.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty and Sales – Brokers are aware that procedural inefficiencies are costing them time and money and gravitate toward portals that can make them more effective at enabling sales
  • Mobile Friendly Customer Experience – Empower brokers on the go with mobile apps designed from project inception to have the same effectiveness and ease of use as they would on the desktop
  • Integration with Agency Management Systems – Avoid drastic technological migrations by connecting directly with existing AMS systems such as AIM through the portal
  • OCR/Data Extraction – Automate data entry and data scraping by using AI to process all applications (typed or handwritten), identify pertinent information, and populate it in standardized fields
  • AI Analytics – Help users identify time and cost by optimizing unstructured data through automated information management and governance including the ability to monitor patterns, analyze organizational data, and easily personalize analytics to target relevant information
  • Automated Quote Generation – Generate quotes in an instant using AI to process uploads and analyze historical data.

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