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Treasury to expect more from T2S

Authored by: Synechron Business Consulting Group

The objective of a Treasury function of a bank is to attract diversified funding, at the lowest possible cost, at the right time within regulatory, operational and legal constraints. To do this, Treasury defines a funding strategy in line with the bank’s risk appetite and business objectives. During execution, the key activities of Treasury are related to actively managing its cash and collateral position for its liquidity buffer, (intraday) cash management and performing trading activities to enable its funding strategy and meet regulatory requirements.

Due to enhanced regulatory requirements such as EMIR, CRDIV, MIFID2, UCITSV and AIFMD, Treasury must strengthen its operating model and IT to support the development towards more collateralized funding.

The heightened level of awareness of review processes to account for increased margin and collateral requirements for both cleared and non-cleared transactions demands to bring efficiency to its collateral management processes to: a) enable Treasury to remain competitive and b) drive down funding costs. This has been made even more important now as assessments of available collateral are required in real-time for transactions that are centrally cleared.

T2S provides valuable functions that enables Treasury to optimize its usage of collateral and cash available in real-time. We refer to functions because T2S is a technical platform, meaning it does not provide business services.

Group Treasury will benefit most from the T2S functionality while centralizing its secured funding process and collateral management activities as much as possible.


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