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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in a Changing Global Workforce

Authored by – Samantha Screene, Associate Director – HR

The global workforce and market landscape are changing. In order for businesses to be successful and stay relevant, they need to actively promote and endorse diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) within the workplace. As a starting point, companies and their leadership teams need to first begin introducing diversity within their hiring practices and then in the overall company culture. Diversity opens the door to new ways of thinking, innovation and collaboration. Inclusion is what makes employees want to stay. Together, diversity and inclusion, coupled with a strong leadership team embedding these two values into the company’s corporate strategy, are the key building blocks to a company’s true cultural transformation.

In order to achieve cultural transformation, companies need to introduce diversity into their hiring practices. Whether that’s through instilling quotas, internal benchmarks or expanding their search pool, employers need to modify their existing hiring practices in order to attract new and diverse talent. Prospective employees now have more choice where a good benefits package alone is no longer enough - they have different priorities. For example, millennials, unlike other generations, are more likely to consider pro-diversity firms when making career decisions. They want to work in an environment where they can grow, feel appreciated and be engaged with a company’s culture. Currently, 47% of millennials consider diversity and inclusion in a workplace when conducting their job search. If businesses want to attract the right type of talent, they need to prioritise D&I agendas, irrespective of their industry.


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