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How to use VR, AR and MR to Design Meaningful Experiences in Financial Services

Authored by: Alex Zaky, Sr. Director - Experience Design

Global Fortune 1000 "rms across industries are racing to embrace emerging digital technologies, and "nancial services are no exception. Financial institutions are eager to lead technology innovation, but, these new technologies need to be implemented based on the business value and use case. When looking at a new tech like Augmented Reality (AR) and the software design kits (SDKs) recently being made available, this creates a great opportunity for businesses to focus on creating new experiences that bridge the digital and physical world

How can they accomplish this? By using techniques like design thinking that place the customers and clients at the center of the value conversation, assessing their existing pain points, and working toward a minimum viable prototype (MVP) that will allow immediate feedback and iterative testing. 0e beautiful thing about virtual reality or augmented reality is that the visual and visceral aspects of these technologies allow designers an opportunity to recreate the visual world around customers. Let's explore how.


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