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Guide to Digital Assurance

Authored by – Santosh Subramanian - Director - Quality Engineering

When you get into a car, the natural tendency is to turn on Maps on the vehicle’s navigation system or on your phone to direct the best route to the destination. When you want to buy something, you flip open your laptop and check for what options are available, what is the fair price, what are the user reviews, etc. Personal family pictures and portraits are shared with not just immediate family, but posted on social media and planned out to get the most “likes”.

With the ubiquity of digital interactions today, it would be expected that organizations have already completely embraced the digital economy. However, a study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) revealed that only 5% of large companies are prepared to meet IT requirements of the New Digital Business. The same study also suggests that in “transformed” organizations, 96% exceeded their revenue targets more than twice than the least digitally mature organizations. Additionally, these “transformed” organizations are eight times more likely than the least mature organizations to report a highly cooperative relationship between IT and Business.


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