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Give Me Back My Data

Authored by: Philip Khan & Matthijs van Schip, Synechron Business Consulting

Does this sound familiar?
"I read on Facebook that you keep tons of data which violates my privacy and you are now obliged to give it to me. Can I have it?"

"According to that new privacy regulation I have the right to be forgotten. So can you please delete everything?"

If you have heard anything resembling these requests in the past months, then you know that your clients are starting to get aware of the GDPR legislation. Unfortunately, a lot of semi-truths are being told and your average customer is not as informed as they could be. So what are their rights? And how should businesses get organized to become GDPR-compliant?

If you have not heard any of these remarks before, brace yourself for impact, as this is no simple matter and the May 2018 deadline is quickly approaching. Worried? Don’t be. This article will outline how European-based businesses and those with clients in these regions that will be affected by the regulation can best proceed with their GDPR strategies.


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