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Finding your path: Why failing is good for your career

Authored by: Akshat Rawal, Assistant Manager, Recruitment

I don’t know what I want to do – is one of the most common responses you’ll hear from those at school/university or have just graduated.

The first step is acknowledging that it’s ok to feel this way. Very few people will be able to pull off a Sun Tzu and execute their grand career plan. So, if you feel intimate, you’re not alone.

Careers are not for life anymore. So why should I bother?
Because times are different. We face quarter life crises. The millennial housing crisis is real, and if we are to believe the US census for young adults (24-35), we’re 50% less likely to own a house than our 1975 counterparts. We have taken on over 300% student debt compared to our parents while salaries haven’t risen in proportion.

Ok. What then?
Being aware of the above helps us understand what’s at stake and the merit behind figuring out what we want. Depending on who you ask, there are two schools of thoughts on ‘how to figure out what you want’:

  • Take your time, no pressure We won’t be retiring till 75 so what’s the rush? Let’s take our time and figure out what we want with our lives. Travel the world, try a few different things and see what works best for you.
  • Fail fast Anand Chandra, Sr. Director - Capital Markets, Synechron, will probably lean towards fail fast, as he does when he enthusiastically runs Synechron’s internal training on Agile principles. In simple words, Fail Fast is to test and find out what doesn’t work and what works, quickly. Rinse and repeat. (What is explains this well, if you’re interested in a bedtime/commute read)

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