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How to find balance in designing and implementing an integrated physical and digital experience

Authored by: Cyrus Clemensen, Sr. Director of Experience Development at Synechron

As financial institutions and enterprises across industries grapple with how to implement and find the most value-add in emerging innovations and technologies, many find themselves trying to navigate the intersection between physical and digital experiences to engage their target customer base.

Emerging technologies have the power to redefine user experience as institutions, including banks, evolve to quite literally turn the customer journey into an experience. When done well, they are able to deliver a mix of personalized interactions that support traditional trust-relationships and digital innovations alike. One area where physical and digital strategies are merging to create unique customer experiences within banking is the bank branch, where global financial institutions look to transform their physical locations into interactive and educational hubs rather than just a place to wait on line, perform a transaction, and leave.


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