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DevOps - A Foundational Building Block of Digital Transformation

Authored by – Shajeeb PK - Associate Director, Technology

In order to solve complex business challenges and undergo digital transformation, financial services (FS) institutions need to incorporate DevOps into their workflows and develop a culture of cross-team collaboration. DevOps models help align development and operations teams to work together instead of working in siloes. It is crucial that all major departments – operations, commercial, technology and digital - work together in order to develop a successful DevOps program.

In an agile world, the relationship between development and IT operations is critical to support the constant adjustments that are required by business changes, technological advancements and shifting user expectations. DevOps helps achieve this goal due to its collaborative nature. In doing so, business can achieve an overall quicker go-to-market with better quality products and services of higher value and incidentally, lower down time.


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