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The Blockchain Progress at Synechron Part-3

Authored by: Tim Coates, Head of Blockchain, Synechron

Blockchain: #Winning
In this last installment, we review the final key learnings to success, and explore what we see as the future outlook of what’s to come. As previously discussed in Part 1 and Part 2, the past two years have been a series of trial and errors in blockchain use case selection and development. In 2018, only the most robust use cases will survive the cost ramp-up to production.

Short-term wins are needed before long-term revolutions
We encourage clients to pursue a bi-modal innovation strategy of short- term wins which provide for incremental gains, whilst cautiously stepping forward with a 3-5yr more disruptive vision that still accommodates for the institution’s high value add processes. If these two tracks can be mutually beneficial, more power to you.


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