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The Blockchain Progress at Synechron Part-1

Authored by: Tim Coates, Head of Blockchain, Synechron

Expectations management has been an important journey in enterprise blockchain over the past two years. Unfortunately, the blockchain space can be an echo-chamber of opinions or sales pitches that are big on hype, but aren’t grounded in the cold, hard reality of high volumes, regulations, legacy friction, etc. We support our clients to expedite their learnings and conduct a deep technical assessment, network building, paths to production, and the many positives of centralization.

This three-part series will outline five key learnings that we apply to all of our blockchain projects to avoid making the same mistakes:

  • Incumbent-driven solutions have a vastly greater likelihood and speed of success
  • Only exchange of value use cases will deliver enough benefits to achieve adoption
  • Digital fiat cash isn’t coming any time soon, so start solving Delivery-vs-Payment (DVP) transfers in other ways
  • Short-term wins are needed before long-term revolutions
  • Not all blockchains are the same; not all use cases are the same

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