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How Agile Scrum supports your organization in delivering high performance & business value

Authored by: Jonne Scholten, Synechron Business Consulting

Organizations often have tough times in coping with high business needs and requirements. Organizations are going through huge business changes and with the advent of the digital world, the demands on the Organization to deliver working software fast is sky rocketing.

One of our clients was working according the waterfall methodology, this methodology emphasizes a sequential design process in which verification by business comes at the end. As a result, IT was not able to deliver the inflight projects as the project requirements changed midway. This and other evils of the waterfall methodology started surfacing quickly, the need for a more sophisticated process was evident.

A fundamental change was needed, not only in the way the IT shop was managed and run, but at the core of the enterprise.

The change was needed in the mindset of every individual in every department of the organization: us over I, the team success over individual success, collaboration and being pragmatic.

After thoroughly analyzing the client’s environment Agile Scrum seemed to be a good answer to this needs.


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