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Adapting API Management Strategy

Authored by: Rahul Bansode, Associate Director, Technology (Microsoft) & Jimmy Thomas, Sr. Director, Software (Microsoft)

Big data management is an essential part of today’s digital economy. The amount of data in circulation and data storage capacities has been increasing at lightning speed. Most digitally savvy and technologically advanced businesses value their data and have been leveraging various technologies/methodologies for data storage, consumption and analytics.

Over the years, customer, business partners, employees etc. are becoming more connected by engaging with a variety of devices, communication channels, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices. This has resulted in a need to adopt new approaches and technology platforms to serve the growing needs of user experience and data processing. Web API is gradually becoming the foundation for organizations to build a digital business and connect with business partners and external entities.This document outlines the strategy which could be adopted to build a strong platform and foundation for the API management.


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