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For most people, the process of buying a home and applying for a mortgage is as big an event as getting married and can be very emotional. It goes without saying then that the current process of researching mortgage options and applying for them should be equally personal. Synechron’s LoanBOT is designed to offer a Chatbot service for answering questions about mortgage facilities and then facilitating an application process that feels more like a conversation than a form filling, tick box exercise. The LoanBOT can ask for the relevant information to process a mortgage loan and even incorporate a service to upload the necessary documentation needed for an organization to fulfillment of a home loan.

LoanBOT’s mortgage servicing capabilities help customers find out their mortgage account balance, make monthly payments, check rates for refinancing their loans & general loan related advice. It can also check loan products and rates, pre-qualify for a loan & start a 1003 loan application form. This assists with most low-value everyday loan servicing transactions while also facilitating services for onboarding more profitable refinancing & loan-related advice. Users benefit from reporting into Google Analytics which allows the bot’s intelligence to tie into social media campaigns and ongoing conversation tracking. The bot can Hot Transfer conversations to a human operator to handle unknown situations & re-take control of the conversation once the human operator is done handling requests. By seamlessly integrating the human-machine interactions, Synechron’s LoanBOT can present a very precise and personalized service to customers – from offering targeted and personalized offers based on account activity, to helping fulfill the day-to-day transactions, our bot will transform the face of engagement that you can have with your customers.

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