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Automated Data Extraction


Financial services firms have a number of monthly, quarterly and annual reports (earnings reports, annual reports, proxy statements, management information circulars, etc.) that inform their governance and audit requirements. Extraction of these fields from various data sources and formats (html/pdf) is a manual and error-prone task, yet, incredibly important to determine when an auditor’s independence may be at risk.

Using NLP, a firm can automate the research analyst’s review of over 1000 data points that need to be extracted daily from across thousands of documents for modeling. This will ensure that research analysts can focus on higher-value analyses while the NLP Engine performs the data extraction and analysis manually, factoring in specialist knowledge on financial operations and regulations.

Features: Powerful NLP Engine for Data Extraction

  • Text Extraction: An amalgamation of lexical analysis, named entity recognition, entity relevance detection and host of other NLP techniques, to automatically extract the text along with required sentiments and semantics.
  • Core NLP Engine: Easily configurable and self-learning, the core process can be trained by the business user without the technologist’s help to define new business rules and improve accuracy.
  • Smart Insight Framework: A scalable and adaptive smart insight system utilizing the latest NLP algorithms and combining the text extraction and core NLP engine through a lightweight robust framework. It is capable of integrating with multiple input data sources and has the ability to provide output in numerous formats.

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