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Automated Financial Advice, Enhanced Customer Experience


For any financial advisory firm, providing tailored financial advice is the lifeline of the business. However, this requires manually mining a vast amount of product data, client information, regulatory requirements; manually interpreting it and generating accurate and insightful investment advice to deliver a high-touch client experience. Wealth management firms can spend hours each week generating market analysis reports tailored to specific clients.

Automated Financial Advice Generation can be achieved by using Natural Language Processing and Generation (NLP) (NLG) to extract CRM data and reach a compliant conclusion by employing the Yseop Dialog to automatically ask questions in real-time, based on contextual user information. The engine can then infer the customer need based on the product catalogue and automatically generate an easy-to-understand written summary based on the client’s situation, in layman’s terms, to guide the sales conversation and enhance the client experience.

Combining extensive knowledge of financial and regulatory processes, Synechron has factored in financial product line-up, regulatory considerations, and business operations.

Features: Automated Financial Advice in Three Steps

  • Data Extraction Tools : automated information extraction of data from CRM, product
  • Yseop Dialog : a preconfigured application of Yseop’s patented, closed platform that automatically asks real-time, ‘smart’ questions to help narrow down data to a personalized outcome, allowing 100 percent accuracy
  • Yseop Rules and Inference Engine : an analysis engine that automatically processes hundreds of data points and matches the customer need with the item in the company’s product catalog that best suits the investor
  • Configurability : an operational framework that can be configured to the financial advisor’s workflow and easily updated based on marketing or legal requirements
  • Smart Yseop Text : automatically generated, easy-to-understand text that is personalized to the individual customer, with compliance in mind

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