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Automated Executive Summaries


CEOs and executives need to understand their company’s data real-time. The conventional means of doing this are too slow. Writing reports manually takes 3 to 4 days because the expertize is spread across different departments.

Synechron has used NLG to automate the research analyst’s review task for over 1000 data points that need to be extracted daily from across thousands of documents for information. This automates processes required to compile and analyze data from different source systems which need to be completed in a short time-frame but can’t be performed 24/7 by a human.

Basic NLG can optimize selected processes to achieve:

  • Productivity gain
  • Reduce/Remove 4-eye check
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Increase efficiency

To learn more about our Artificial Intelligence solutions for Natural Language Processing and Generation (NLP)(NLG) and the work we’re doing email us at