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World AI Week 2019 – Masterclass Natural Language Processing (NLP)


During World AI Week, Amsterdam will be hosting 50+ events in five days, which will attract 15,000+ attendees from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community all around the globe. Synechron is a proud partner of the World AI Week 2019 Amsterdam, and on October 8th, we will draw on our award-winning expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to organize a masterclass on Natural Language Processing (NLP) in our Financial Innovation Lab (FinLab). As AI and Intelligent Automation become key focus areas for financial institutions, this class will be instrumental in helping banks to design and execute their digital transformation strategies which are looking at how to digitize business documents, automate processes, apply increasingly intelligent automation to those processes and take advantage of a growing volume of conversational data captured from phone conversations, chat, and smart devices.

To drive ahead Intelligent Automation, NLP is a technique that uses technology to read and understand the meaning of text. When NLP is applied to business applications, it enables humans to interact with their devices using spoken or written commands in their own language – a field known as Conversational AI. NLP not only is changing the way businesses interact with their customers rapidly but also is increasing significantly banks’ ability to gain value from conversational and alternative data from public and private sources such as news feeds, social media data and conversational data to gain business value.

What’s more, we’ll discuss the latest developments in transfer learning, which allows an existing machine learning model to applied from one use case to another, and how it can be used to decrease drastically the amount of training data required to achieve accurate models.

Overall, Synechron’s Artificial Intelligence experts will teach you about the state of Natural Language Processing as a tool within AI / Data Science programs and how to apply this technology approach within your banking business context. We will take you on a journey from the technology fundamentals to real life use cases for banks, asset managers, and insurance companies. After the session, we invite you to join us for drinks and bites, to discuss and inspire each other.

Learn more about the work we have done in the field of NLP here.

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We look forward to welcoming you in our FinLab! Please find the details below:

To register for the event,
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Tuesday 8th October
16:00 – 18:00 / Drinks & bites afterwards
De Entree 15-17
1101 BH Amsterdam


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