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Women in FinTech Roundtable

Recently, Synechron hosted its Quarterly Roundtable at our New York Headquarters in the heart of Times Square, where colleagues, clients, and partners joined to discuss “Women in FinTech,” and where successful female executives in FinTech shared their personal journeys. The intimate group setting allowed the evening to become more than educational but an inspiring discussion with panelists and attendees sharing their unique experiences, inside and outside of the boardroom.

The evening started with a keynote from Regina Egea, President of the Garden State Initiative (GSI), who spoke on “Re-building Workplace Cultures: Power, Leadership and Character.” The keynote focused on career development and leadership in the workplace and the particular challenges in place for women. In sharing her professional and personal journey, Regina gave her advice on preparing for leadership early in one’s career. She noted that role models should be less about an individual person to look up to and more about leadership qualities exhibited in leaders one would take on themselves and advised the group to be challenged by positions that test their character early in their career to develop a confidence in their decisions at work. Regina, interestingly, took a dive into the future to examine what leadership – regardless of gender – will look like in the next decade or two and how education on leadership will evolve in the coming years as well, with a larger focus on accountability and the power permitted to leaders.

The panel followed Regina’s inspiring keynote discussion, with Helen Altshuler, Engineering Program Leader at Google and Varsha Waishampayan, CEO and Lead Founder at Wings for Growth, a non-profit Women’s mentorship organization. Helen brought up the fascinating story of the moment she realized she was the only woman in the room at work – and how to let that be a form of empowerment, not an obstacle. She also discussed the future of leadership and how empowerment can start at home where children don’t have differing expectations based on gender. Varsha discussed her desire to improve upon unstructured internal mentorship programs,with a greater focus on ongoing career development and mentorship. Varsha talked about her vision for a support system for women to thrive in the workplace.

The larger group discussed challenges and moments of empowerment in their careers, diversity challenges, and how men can support women on their teams. The group also discussed the importance of a positive female network without competition and how there is always another seat at the table for another empowered and capable woman. The event spoke to the commitment of Synechron and its partners to gender diversity and participants shared very different but very telling stories about leadership and empowerment. The evening concluded with drinks and networking with a NYC skyline view.


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