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MobileDonor Digital App for The Salvation Army on AWSDeveloping a new digital payments platform for non-proximity-based mobile, digital payments.

Business Overview:
Our client sponsored MobileDonor, an initiative by its client The Salvation Army, to increase the awareness and ease of Christmas Kettle donations across the local community. While a notoriously successful campaign, the kettles are proximity reliant and dependent on cash. The client sought to create a new digital payments platform for non-proximity-based mobile, digital payments to overcome these top two donation barriers.

Solution Approach:
Synechron drew upon its financial services expertise and extensive experience in payments and mobile development to conceptualize the end-to-end development of MobileDonor. Synechron took a multilayered architecture approach with an AWS backend and thick Android and iOS clients on the front-end for maximum stability and performance. An agile methodology was adopted, and the application was delivered through a series of sprints, including user registration, financial information, map functionality, and various add-ons. Functions includes easy payments, credit card uploads via camera enabled by optical-character recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and an API-integrated map of all Canadian kettles to allow for donations to 240+ Canadian communities.

Key Team Member Rupendra Limbore, Assistant Manager – Digital
BenLgim Key member

Delivering consistent infrastructure and an
enhanced customer experience


The overall efforts resulted in the following benefits

Increased donations

Improved accessibility

New donation acquisition channel

Better engagement through social channels

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Strategic Evolution Toward a Digital Architecture




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