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Major US Retail BankAn engaging compliance experience

One of our major bank clients had an internal e-learning system driven by LMS that was used by everyone from interns to full-time employees. The challenge was to make their compliance training experience more engaging and more motivational, rather than just mandated. Traditionally, these long compliance courses didn’t warrant any great level of engagement and employees had a difficult time progressing through the material and understanding the content. Eventually, this impacted the organization’s productivity and even its revenue.

That’s when we came up with the idea of gamifying the e-learning process. Our team developed a real-life game storyline designed around services actually offered by our client, complete with a leaderboard that kept track of all players and let employees compete against each other. This turned into an extremely fun project where we were challenged to design and implement a gamification strategy in a non-gaming domain: Banking compliance.

Key Team Member Anup Variava, Director - Digital

The gamification of the company’s e-learning resulted in a high level of user engagement.


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User Experience Analysis

Visual Designs

3D Modeling

Rich Media Development

Quality Assurance

Analytics & Reporting

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The Gamification approach resulted in an increased user engagement


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