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A Major Index ProviderCorporate Site Migration - Critical System to the Cloud

A major index provider approached Synechron to modernize their corporate website, which was falling behind current business and customer requirements. Despite expertly processing large volumes of equities data daily, their existing website lacked the availability and fault tolerance users have come to expect. They planned to enhance these capabilities by replicating and clustering their components across all tiers and deploying them across redundant physical locations. However, this would require a significant infrastructure investment and would have caused a considerable amount off cross-talk communication incompatible with the existing network design, causing harmful interference with other services.

Synechron determined that through a cloud deployment, the client could resolve their performance issues, establish a growth foundation, keep costs down, and avoid any harmful interference. Additionally, the following objectives were established:

  • Improved Performance – Heighten user experience with quick loading content
  • Targeted Localization – Localize by continent or country
  • Effective Search Functions - Improve content search capabilities
  • Content Publication – Develop and control content publication and enable faster content deployments
  • Reliability and High Availability – Offer a consistent 24/7/365 service to clients
  • More Frequent App Updates – Dedicate greater support to agile software development and continuous improvement
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Reduce the excessive maintenance cost and simplify troubleshooting
  • Easier System Monitoring – Improve existing monitoring systems are difficult and resolutions have poor turnaround time
Key Team Member Avinash Singh, Director - Technology

A successful transition to an efficient, high-performance, user-friendly client website


We provided the following services and expertise to deliver success

Build & Deploy

Latest Technology Stack

Strategic Project Mapping

Quality Assurance

Vendor Analysis and Selection

Design & Development Migration Utilities

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