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A Leading Global BankDesign and Build a Corporate Expense Management and Reporting application

Synechron was selected to design and build a Corporate Expense Management and Reporting application to replace the bank’s legacy mobile and desktop applications with a modern, unified and highly usable solution. The client’s initiative had three primary goals: Improve Market Presence through User Experience, Seamless Customer Migration, and Reduced Maintenance Time and Costs. The bank’s existing infrastructure was significantly limited due to monolithic, siloed applications and legacy architecture, as such a new, digital architecture would need to be designed and developed to support the new system.

To achieve these goals, Synechron established a two-pronged approach. First, develop a Mobile-first product and implementation strategy, applying Design Thinking to create a rich user experience for each unique user profile. Second, develop a responsive application by adopting a standardized technology stack with a single application codebase, and ultimately decommission legacy applications in favor of standardized, scalable, automation-friendly, and highly-available applications.

The roll-out schedule was based-on following Minimum Viable Product (MVP) sprint timeline:

Product Backlog: Create a targeted feature map, information architecture and migration plan necessary for an MVP based market launch strategy. MVPs consisted of a prioritized grouping of Features, Functions and User Roles.

Research and Discovery: Analyze the current state, determining future needs, and establishing an execution roadmap. Identify user the user roles and define an ideal user experience for each by performing competitive analyses, conducting user interviews and surveys, hosting creative workshops, gathering user stories, and engaging in technical discovery.

UX Concepts and Designs: Create wireframes and annotations, draft an initial back-end design, and validate test plans. Produce hi-fidelity wireframes based on a pre-defined rich internet application framework.

Design & Development: Engage in the technical design, create Technical Design Documents (TDDs), devise a Middleware integration plan, initiate back-end design, and validation of test plans.

Quality Assurance and Regression Testing: Deploy the integrated code into test environments, test integration in the overall system, and ensure QA sign-off.

Implementation: Launch the MVP on the Expense Management platform.

To create a standardized technology stack that is highly performant and responsive, Synechron would provide a responsive technology foundation from which to build based upon a series of solutions including:

Adopt a Microservices Model - Decompose monolithic modules, eliminate redundancies, and make applications cloud-ready. This allows need-based scalability of services for cost-cutting, improves performance, and provides immense leverage for testability and troubleshooting.

Enhance Channel Support - Adopt a Representational State Transfer Web Services (ReSTful Services) architectural style to consolidate course-grained services to simple, fine-grained ReSTful Application Program Interface (API) for improved performance, scalability, and modifiability.

Implement Service Orchestration Layer (2 instances) - Move microservices to Service Orchestration Layer (2 instances) to enhance overall security, reduce transport cost, communication and security, and improve traceability & logging of service calls such as failure reporting, fraud prevention, and exception reporting.

Key Team Member Sudhir Sharma, Director – Technology

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