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Hybrid Cloud Strategy & Implementation

/ / Customer Challenge

Synechron was asked to help define a converged strategy for infrastructure sourcing (a large incumbent deal was due for renewal), DC strategy (a number of office buildings were being exited) and infrastructure platforms (businesses were demanding more responsive, on-demand infrastructure).

/ / How Synechron Helped
  • Synechron pulled together a thorough set of requirements and an assessment of current state including infrastructure assets, applications, life-cycle status, business flows, costs and supporting IT processes
  • A business case was constructed based around the following principles:
    • Two neutral co-location facilities to house the hybrid cloud infrastructure, provide good public cloud connectivity options as well as housing physical and legacy assets.
    • An outsourced hybrid cloud utilizing public cloud for state-less compute (primarily for risk analytics) and development/testing environments.
    • Migration of brokerage applications, document management and workflow to SaaS;
/ / Results

The strategy was accepted internally and Synechron then led the procurement and stand-up of the co-location facilities and the consolidation of legacy and physical assets over 12 months.

Where possible during the migrations compute functions were implemented using public cloud. At the same time a fast-track sourcing exercise was conducted to identify, select and then contract with a hybrid cloud provider.

Synechron is currently leading the implementation of the hybrid cloud solution in conjunction with the provider, driving the adoption by leading the application development teams through migration (360 applications), and delivering the target operating model.

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