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How we revolutionized a Tier 1 Bank’s regulatory banking controls, making evidencing and auditing second natureSynechron's Digital, Business Consulting, Technology Capabilities

Banking has become a tough business, and it is not getting any easier from a liability point of view. Our client, a leading bank, was no exception to this and needed to put in adequate controls to monitor employee behavior at a global scale and solve the pain points within its front-office supervisory workflow and evidencing system. The goal was to extend and modernize the administration platform by creating an Enterprise-grade Front Office Digital Supervision Platform system. As a response, we developed a system allowing supervisors to accurately find issues and evidence their steps to correct them.

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Creating a Multi-Phased, Multi-Year RoadmapSynechron leveraged its “Power of 3” capabilities:

  • Business Consulting: We conducted in-depth analysis of: processes/requirements for the multi-person user group of front-office executives; supervisor workflow definition; controls for people and behavior conducts; business and functional reviews and sign-offs; and related systems across 5 geographically diverse offices, including 40+ countries and 3 business units, and for 4 securities sectors.
  • Digital: We embraced agile practices for user-centric, iterative, frequent delivery; a focus on User Experience and Visual Design elements including graphical interfaces; including the development of a reusable UI component library.
  • Technology: We built a modern platform technology stack: utilizing Microservices, Angular 6, TDD, and a Behavioral Drive Approach for the automation framework; implemented multiple elements of API enhancements such as IT security compliance for data; installed an audit framework; utilized a component-based approach to allow/support BU widgets/requirements; and implemented the end-to-end automation of multiple testing capabilities. This has helped our client and us to achieve 600+ releases in two years to truly create new levels of efficiency across the bank