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Enterprise Cloud Migration for a Tier-1 BankElevating the Enterprise Infrastructure

Synechron was selected by a global, tier-one investment bank to facilitate an Enterprise Cloud Migration of entire bank applications to a private cloud as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The migration was motivated by three primary objectives – enterprise-wide technical upgrades and standardization, cost-cutting, and Safety and Soundness.

Due to quantity and disparate nature of the applications flagged for migration, Synechron performed a thorough application analysis consisting of quality and compatibility analysis, code analysis, code remediation, cloud service classifications, Safety and Soundness examinations, cloud-tech upgrades and application encryptions. Lastly, Synechron analyzed and mapped internal and external dependencies, third-party services, unmanaged code, external libraries and an exhaustive list of all other variables.

Synechron developed a three-phase migration roadmap, calling for the migration of 200 applications per quarter. For Phase 1, we selected ten low-risk, non-business essential apps to test and tune the process. Phase 2 consisted of migrating more complex applications that may handle confidential data and require higher security measures. Lastly, in Phase 3 the technically complex and business-critical applications would be migrated. To deliver a seamless service transition with improved security and compliance, Synechron performed ongoing testing throughout the entire migration process.

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Improving Performance, Efficiency, Security and Cost via the Cloud


We provided the following services to deliver success

Cloud Services

Application Analysis and Remediation

Strategic Project Mapping

Safety and Soundness Examination

Data Encryption

Vendor Analysis and Selection

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