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Delivering a seamless integration of Infrastructure-as-Code into a polyglot setup for MongoDB on cloud

Moving large quantities of data between regions and jurisdictions leads to high infrastructure costs and presents regulatory compliance challenges for financial services firms. Our team engineered a capability on Google Cloud for a Global Tier 1 Bank with data now able to span on prem and the cloud, complete with a reusable developer experience.

Key Team Member Pritam Kosalage, Lead Technology, Pune, India
BenLgim Key member

Facing capacity issues with their current running MongoDB cluster, our client, a Global Tier 1 Bank, was procuring new hardware servers and variable infrastructure, making scalability difficult and costly. Compliance challenges meant moving data to cloud was also not an option. With no existing solution on the market to build out a hybrid environment between on prem and cloud, we worked in partnership with our client, MongoDB, and Google Cloud, to create a hybrid MongoDB cluster.

With multiple stakeholders across the engagement, ensuring the build out of correct reporting and structure - whilst navigating the global pandemic - was key for the project’s long-term success, as well as ensuring crisp documentation.


With our engineering-led focus and agile methodology, we navigated new waters by leveraging Everything-as-Code, working with the Banks’ compliance team to embed automation, security and compliance from the outset. Complete with sharded clustering, autoscaling, auto-healing, vertical and horizonal scaling, our client can now scale up or down their infrastructure needs – no manual intervention required.

With our engineering-led focus, agile delivery, Platform Thinking models and leveraging an Everything as Code approach, we designed a Geosharded architecture, complete with a bursting feature that allows scaling across jurisdictions and data assets, making our solution a robust template for programs that face regulatory boundary challenges.

Our design enables seamless integration with an easy switch between on-prem & Cloud, and a built-in cloud exit strategy that can seamlessly cross-over to other cloud platforms for future multi-cloud initiatives.

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Leading Global Retail and Investment Bank

Our solution is now being considered by multiple parts of the Bank to help our client scale out additional engagements to reduce dependency of on-prem and achieve efficiency.


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