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CalypsoMerging, migrating and moving away from manual

We were tasked with merging the eastern and western branches of a major bank and migrating all FX Option trades to Calypso for trade validation and confirmation. In order to successfully implement our custom solution, we created a real-time trade feed service from the FO system, Fenics to MO/BO system and Calypso for FX Options. We also employed auto-generated trade confirmations in Calypso for all FX Option trades to eliminate manual confirmation generation in Fenics. Finally, we also grouped confirmations in Calypso to generate single-trade confirmation for multiple FX Option trades aggregated by customer and trade date.

Key Team Member Vilas Takke, Calypso Practice
Vilas Takke

Implementing custom solutions and creating a real-time, trade-feed service.


We provided the following services to deliver success

Design & Development Migration Utilities

Calypso with Complex Workflows

Exposing Trade Feed as Web Service

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The re-engineering effort manifested in

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