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Building and Implementing an Intelligent Chatbot Channel for Consumers of a Technology Protection Insurance Company

The global leader in technology protection services engaged Synechron to analyze its Call Center volume and determine the viability for integrating a new Artificial Intelligence-led 24/7 intelligent chatbot service channel for consumers’ claims and inquiries.

An intelligent chatbot powered by AI rules includes a basic level of intelligence to gather the requested information and assist customers while detecting questions beyond its scope to hand over for human intervention.

Synechron identified and tested a reliable cloud-based service provider’s offering as part of a pilot program and built the intelligent chatbot enabling voice and text conversations. Synechron continues to refine the chatbot functionality as the technology evolves and customers’ questions and interactive needs change.

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Synechron’s delivery of this program included:

  • Partnering with the client’s Business team to analyze call center volume and determining that 10% to 13% of calls were seeking basic information related to claims
  • We recommended that such calls, which didn’t need much human interaction, would be ideal candidates for an intelligent chat channel
  • We tested a fully managed service, which scales automatically, for conversational interfaces with any application using voice and text, and built the full technology stack
  • Synechron began with text capabilities and short message service (SMS), planning for subsequent voice interactions, and interactions that didn’t require Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data to process
  • Delivery of the integrated enabling chatbot technology as well as tracking/storage of all Bot-Customer conversations used to analyze the chatbot’s performance and fine-tune responses
  • Chatbot triggers were set, as were predefined responses and intent mapped to actual client utterances/conversations
  • Initial results with a limited number of customers showed the Chatbot correctly handled 40% of conversations; 60% were analyzed and appropriate updated responses made
GRC Capabilities
Remediation to achieve
Heightened system maintainability
Increased ROI by 25
Reduced overall complexity by 45
Reduced overall complexity by 45

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