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BCBS239BCBS239 Program Delivery for Tier-one Bank

BCBS 239 is a global banking regulation designed to ensure effective risk data aggregation and reporting with a strong focus on data quality and provenance. It sets principles covering governance, data architecture, accuracy and integrity of data; and the, adaptability, comprehensiveness and quality of reporting. Synechron was selected by a tier one bank to lead business and IT program, in its critical final year, to deliver BCBS Compliance across 16 countries within a global investment bank.

Reporting to the Investment Bank CDO and Group Risk and Compliance Synechron drew on its extensive Business, operational and regulatory knowledge, coupled with its Data, and Technology expertise to deliver a global program across 3 regional phases.

Critical final year delivery covering Data, Risk and Reporting


We provided the following services:

  • Re-structure of the existing BCBS239 program
  • Multi-year Strategic Roadmap Creation
  • Collaboration across Operations, the CDO and IT stake-holders
  • Operating model change
  • Data governance, lineage, and quality
  • Auditable evidencing
  • Local regulatory compliance support
/ / Results

Successful adoption of BCBS 239 Program re-structure and simplification

  • Asset discovery achieved across ~42 datacenter locations globally
  • A single, authoritative golden source of data for client IT assets
  • Reduced exposure to operational and reputational risk
  • Enterprise data quality measurement & reporting framework
  • ~100 critical data elements delivered ~150 de-scoped
  • C-suite sign-off across 16 countries
  • 10% under-spend on the budget envelope.

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