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Quality Assurance in Financial Services

As financial services firms turn to technology to improve efficiency and cut costs, business-critical tasks have become increasingly software dependent, and Quality Assurance has never been more important. A single error or oversight in a complex financial ecosystem can cause significant financial damages or inflict substantial regulatory fines.

Synechron differentiates itself by approaching QA with extensive industry experience across our business, technology and digital practices, and by employing leading QA techniques and powerful proprietary tools to keep up with an agile, changing industry. Synechron’s QA practice goes beyond simple performance testing and takes a hybrid approach to performance testing and engineering, not only identifying problems but resolving them using financial services expertise and robust developer skills.

One of the latest developments in QA has been the use of test automation, a powerful tool to increase efficiency and cover a broader scope than manual testing. In addition to mastering the best QA automation tools on the market, Synechron has developed numerous automation tools, including a Data Migration Testing tool, a Test Automation Framework, and its Intelligent Process Automation, Assurance and Testing (IPAT) tool, leveraging combinatorics and Artificial Intelligence for powerful, end-to-end Quality Assurance.

We can advise QA clients in financial services and insurance on:

  • What to test? - Assess the program, identify its compliance and regulatory requirements, and determine its role in the greater ecosystem.
  • How much to test? - Find that balance in between generating confidence and providing assurance while limiting excess expenditure and to determine ideal resource distribution.
  • What to automate?- Evaluate the technical limitations of the resources available and measure the ROI.

Applying industry expertise, developer capabilities, and cutting-edge tools, our Quality Assurance team is prepared to help you deploy new technologies that are robust, secure, and enhance compliance.

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