think. learn. share. we are a global think tank which offers our team the culture of learning and a platform to share their individual intelligence beyond the functional role and technology. we expect more and therefore, we offer more.

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Leadership, expertise and seniority do not operate in a silo in our world. Our business requires agility, innovation, adaptability, insight, and creative technology masters. Our team, employees and consultants are critical to our success and the business transformation of our clients. We think about how we can connect our global teams and build opportunities to transform the way we do business across the world.

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A global player in the IT solutions and services industry, Synechron is large enough to accommodate your biggest dreams, yet right sized enough to duly recognize and appreciate your individual contributions.

At Synechron, we focus on providing you with fast track career growth, a challenging profile and a dynamic work perspective that enables you to explore a wide spectrum of opportunities beyond your functional role. We actively seek individuals who believe that success can be achieved with the right combination of hard work, team spirit, positive attitude and smart thinking. A world of possibilities through an accelerated career and a progressive culture is something that you can expect from us.

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Case Studies

For a Fortune 1000 Company

Challenge:To develop a next-generation integrated electronic commerce application.

Solution: The site was built using Microsoft technologies, it interacts with backend systems using XML over HTTP...


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